In 1978, Pat and Fred Janssen moved from St. Louis to Edgemont, AR to buy a motel with a leased restaurant attached. The next year, the couple who ran the restaurant didn’t renew their lease, so the Janssen’s decided to run the restaurant themselves which meant their three children (Julie, Tim & Fred, Jr.) “got” to work there too.

Pat and Fred shared cooking duties with comfort foods like fried fish, meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes and burgers. However, every Sunday, Fred cooked his famous fried chicken and no one ever knew what option he might offer with it. Quail, squirrel or pheasant, whatever he had shot the day before! The guests loved it!

Fast forward a few decades and Beth & Tim Janssen now own and operate the popular restaurant and refurbished lakefront motel. However, now the menu evolves weekly. The daily lunch specials might include Lasagna, Oyster Po-Boys, Chicken and Dumplings, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Beef Stroganoff, NY Strip Ramen Bowl, grilled chicken Greek wrap, Asian salad with grilled jumbo shrimp.

“to be consistent, keep it simple but great & try not to make a ‘project’ out of everything!”

- Fred Janssen

The famous Janssen Sunday Brunch includes most brunch items like Eggs Benedict, breakfast meats, biscuits, 2-inch thick waffles, with some variations like homemade Pop-Tarts, crawfish étouffée, shrimp creole, and baked salmon. Tim especially enjoys creating Cajun recipes and likes to mix it up with something new every week like his Dad. (No fried squirrel though these days!)  Come early to avoid the long lines which are the norm these days!

Janssen’s Restaurant has always been a family thing. Beth Janssen & her high energy service team keeps the front of the restaurant running smoothly while Tim, Larry (Tim’s chef cousin from St. Louis) and the rock star culinary team manage the kitchen where they prepare everything from scratch.

Married since 1989, Tim and Beth have two sons. Hunter Janssen who owns Q-Restaurant in Greers Ferry providing smoked meats for take-out. Connor Janssen owns JB’s Pit Stop (founded by his Grandfather, Johnny Bittle) on Greers Ferry Road.

Janssen’s is committed to using only the freshest premium ingredients, preparing creative, comfortable recipes from scratch, all while being environmentally conscious, and to abide by Fred Janssen’s life advice “to be consistent, keep it simple but great and do not make a ‘project’ out of everything!”  Great advice for any business or life in general!